About WindowsBinary

I decided to build WindowsBinary because I had decided to cover the release of Windows 10 more closely than previous editions of Windows, and I also wanted a separate web presence/brand to republish my articles on.

A few weeks back, I decided that it would be an interesting exercise to build a new site using the recently released Visual Studio 2015, and concentrate on the new site whilst honing my skills using the latest and greatest technologies as they emerge.

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Release Notes


Added pagination support


Added a spinner to the pre-load of the articles


The site, although you can’t really tell visually, has been re-written from scratch.  The former SPA is gone, replaced with a brand new ASP.NET 5 Angular.js version using gulp/NPM/Bower.  This was my first attempt, and it took a little while to get used to the nature of Angular.  Not that I’ve achieved anything special here, but it does a CORS XHR request to Sanders Technology to obtain the json response, and then pretty much renders it out onto the page.  Nothing flash.


The new site initially will be a Single Page Application (SPA) implementing a basic Web API and potentially integrating into multiple identity providers.  Obviously there’s not much Windows 10 coverage in that for now, but once the new Operating System launches, I plan to build upon it.

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