Intro Windows 10 was officially released last week.  In the wake of the release, concerns have surfaced about privacy and control issues which are enabled by default in all popular versions of the new Windows – including Enterprise edition.  We’ll take a look at what reasonable steps you could (or […]

Privacy in Windows 10

There’s a post up on Labor leader Bill Shorten’s site addressing Labor’s position in regards to the draft mandatory metadata retention legislation and specifically to recommendations included in the Parliamentary Joint Committee report, released late Friday. Honestly, it’s not very encouraging.  I really think Labor should be outright blocking the […]

Key issues with the proposed mandatory data retention law

Coming across my desktop today.. and courtesy of a posting on Slashdot.. comes a very interesting article which documents how Windows Vista and later versions of Microsoft Windows uses network location awareness and the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) to determine aspects of your computer’s networking configuration. From the article: […]

Windows 7 and Windows Vista: Network Awareness