Day 1 – Azure Fundamentals This is a two-part series of posts.  The first day covered Modules 1 & 2, and the second day, Modules 3 & 4. https://aka.ms/azfunpath Module 1 Compute, Storage, TCO, HA – shared responsibility, scale, elasticity, fault tolerance (MS manages) DR, Global, Latency, economies of scale, […]

Notes and Slides from Azure Fundamentals – Day 1

Hello. You may not want your install of Microsoft Office products linked to a “Microsoft Account”, yet the product seems to force the issue? After entering a valid product key, do you receive this forced modal dialog, which forces you to link an account?  (note: doesn’t seem to be forced […]

Activating Microsoft Office Products without using a Microsoft Account

Hello. For a while now, I’ve been relying on a local time method for my test domain, and it’s finally caused me to go nuts.  The time lag has been out to 20-30 minutes and it’s annoying to say the least.  I did some Googling and found this excellent TechNet […]

Correctly setting domain time through external synchronization

Another year, another decade – more resolutions. Since the loss of the sandertechnology [dot] com I’ve found it a lot harder to get motivated to write.  Traffic is minor, the page rank stinks and what took a decade to build is rather irrelevant now. My main concern is what to […]

2019 hindsight

What’s in a name? Last year through a series of unfortunate events I lost my foundation domain name – sanders technology [dot com] and was forced to register the dot net version instead. I’d held the dot com domain for over a decade and a half, and during that time […]

What happens when you lose a high performing domain name?

Introduction Continuing from the experience with Visual Studio 2017, the next edition – Visual Studio 2019 has been out for a while now.  This edition follows the continuing trend established a few versions ago in providing two channels of licensing – by using a Microsoft Account or by supplying a […]

Visual Studio 2019 – Using a Product Key

There’s times when you need to run an unsigned PowerShell script on Windows Server for convenience, for example when you pull it down from online. A word of warning – obviously – you need to know what any script does before you ever execute it – especially with privilege. Now, […]

Blocked PowerShell Script Execution – File Not Signed

Recently, I was asked to put together some material which explains what “the cloud” is, for a mixed (technical/non-technical) C-level audience.  This came as more of a challenge than I had anticipated, and although there’s absolutely no shortage of material spruiking the benefits of the cloud(tm), there’s actually not that […]

Explaining the Cloud

Merry Christmas all! This year my kids unpacked an Anki Overdrive: Fast and the Furious race track and associated parts – all anticipated of course. What is Anki Overdrive? Anki: Supported Devices We celebrated the day at our new “offsite” location (holiday home) in a part of New South Wales […]

Deploying iOS apps under trying circumstances

Hello and well.. it’s the end of the year already! As we slow down for the Xmas/NYE period, it’s usually a time of reflection and celebrations.  This year has been an interesting one at Sanders Technology in that content has slowed – especially after losing sanderstechnology.com and having to migrate. […]

Happy Holidays

Where’s new content? I’d love to say that I’ve written lengthy articles and that they’ve been corrupted or dropped somehow, but the unfortunate answer is that  I’ve been far more time poor this last year or so and it’s been harder to devote some meaningful time to professional development and […]

HTTP Status Code 404

This is a post to see if my site relocation was successful. To celebrate, here’s a photo of the moon I took last night:

Migration Test

As part of some work I recently undertook, I developed a number of “cheat sheets” which are often introduced into trade studies to try and apply a “like for like” comparison across competing services. Google has a number of services and application offerings to provide enterprise grade cloud solutions to […]

Google Cloud & G Suite – Cheat Sheet

As part of some work I recently undertook, I developed a number of “cheat sheets” which are often introduced into trade studies to try and apply a “like for like” comparison across competing services.  Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud services, and there are many different service […]

Amazon Web Services – Cheat Sheet

Sharp eyed readers might have noticed a small change to Sanders Technology.. A domain name change. Due to a variety of unfortunate events, I lost the main domain (sanderstechnology.com) when the domain registration lapsed and my domain account was under funded.I’m not quite sure, but I believe I held that […]

Sanders Technology has moved