Learning from the past: a lesson in time

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Why the funny title for this post?  I recently came into ownership of a series of volumes from an encyclopaedia published in 1836.  I’m a big fan of antiquities, and it often annoys me that access to things like 170-year-old books is so restricted (although, understandable) – so this is a real treat for me.
Right, so back to the original premise of this post – learning from the past.  I think the biggest takeaway from reading these old volumes is that there are always unknowns.  For the 19th century, what was unknown seemed to far outway what was known.  Keeping this in mind, how much more do we know now than we did 170 years ago? 
It seems to me that the more we learn, the more we discover we don’t know.  People seem to be concerned that the world is closing in, and there are less opportunities for new discoveries – to that I say, look around!  There are still infinite possibilities within our world and beyond.  Each new technological breakthrough really just breeds the possibilities to unravel more mysteries.
Naturally, the choice is yours.  Embrace the unknown, reach for the stars.

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