When wrong numbers really could be a problem

I’ve been stationed at the same desk (in a hot desking environment) for about a year or more now.  I like it, and am not complaining.. In fact, I’d not be able to share this humorous story with you otherwise…
As I sit in the same location, I’ve had the same extension number for quite some time.  Over the year or so, I’ve received many wrong numbers.  This isn’t unusual, and I usually politely tell the various folks who ring, and am quite pleasant about it.  Recently though, I keep hearing the same name.  It’s a big company, so I assumed that it was a simple case of the wrong extension (the first four digits of the external number are the same).
Since I kept getting so many calls (I’ll say his name is ‘Jim’) for ‘Jim’, I decided that it was time to;
a) find out his real number so I could give people a proper extension, and,
b) call ‘Jim’ and let him know that somehow his extension and mine have been somehow mixed up
Yesterday, during another wrong number, I tried to look him up on the internal directory.  Not there.  This, prompted me to ask the caller the next logical question — does ‘Jim’ work for this company? No?.. He works at one of the biggest competitors? oh?.. he’s the director of marketing and sales for this competitor.. OH…!
Since then, I’ve left a message for ‘Jim’ to let him know his calls are going astray.  Having said that.. what are the odds you’ll get calls to the senior sales and marketing person for the competition.. as wrong numbers.. consistently?  Gotta be one in a million??
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