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There have been news reports recently about violence at a number of Sydney schools including repeat incidents at a Carlingford school.
The media (per the link) appear to be pinning it onto ethnic/racial tensions, but I’ve seen the media at work before and I somehow doubt that it’s as controversial as you may be led to believe.
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When I was in college in Canberra, a student who happened to be of Asian decent, got into a fight with another student of Tongan decent.  The former gentleman went into the Home Economics room and fetched what I heard was a regular table (bread and butter) knife and assaulted the latter gent, during lunch time.
The Police were called in, and the story made the local news.  Naturally, the news people felt the need to embellish.  What started as a fight between two kids turned into a racial/gang fight and what was, in fact, a normal run of the mill knife (usually found with an accompanying fork) turned into some kind of lethal bowie knife or butterfly knife.  Whatever sells, baby..
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Can’t we just get back to throwing taunts at the aenemic Labor/Liberal "thriller" instead?  Please, can someone break the news that the Lane Cove Tunnel is being purposely held back from opening until after the election? 
That would be nice.. since the North Shore has suffered endlessly for over two (or many decades longer?) years for the right to pay more money to toll operators?  Lets hope that they learn the lesson earlier than the Cross City Tunnel people did..
For god’s sake, whoever wins this sham of an election – please agree publically to prevent road and traffic changes (read: throttling motorists into the stupid tunnel) to Epping Road!!!

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