Madden 08 Patch?

Madden 08 – Rumoured to be bad enough for an official patch.

That’s right.  Electronic Arts apparently will release a patch for the PS3 and xbox 360 consoles.  About time too, because my franchise has come across a new glitch: I’m unable to sim or play past a regular season game.  Is this an all-time low?

Where this mystery patch is, I don’t know.  Here is a link to a FAQ on the EA support site which highlights the problem.  In a nutshell:

In Franchise Mode, if your franchise team happens to be playing a CPU team with an ex-User controlled coach AND that team hasn’t got the correct number of active players then, for some reason, the CPU team roster will not be auto filled.

This blocks you from advancing the franchise.  You can’t manually fill the CPU team roster, you can’t sim the game and you can’t play the game.  In short, you’re stuck.

EA’s remedy is to restore to before the season and elect to manually control that team for the upcoming season.  From the link:
"The only way to remedy this short of starting a new franchise is in the post-season menu".  What now?  Lose ten seasons of franchise gaming?  Are you nuts?

I’m sure that everyone is behind me when I say to Electronic Arts: "This isn’t good enough!".  This is unacceptable and unless it is fixed I will not be purchasing Madden next year. 

This will break an 11-year tradition, but so be it.  EA have delivered an unacceptable product and these glaring bugs (in particular the simulation lock bug, previously posted about on this blog). 

What has happened to this once great title?


According to this "Answer" on the EA support site, there is supposedly a menu in the post season where you can change control of teams from CPU to User (and fill the roster).  I went back and attempted this last night, but there was no such menu.  This means that it’s an even bet that no one will ever complete a 30 year franchise since eventually they’ll be matched against a COU controlled team with an incomplete roster.

This needs to be fixed ASAP, Electronic Arts!

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