Virgin Mobile (Australia) Internet, MMS and WAP Settings

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Virgin Mobile Australia (i.e not UK) now offer a decent WAP/MMS/GPRS data plan.
This has been a long time coming and is great news for consumers.  However, if you use a Windows Mobile device, PocketPC etc you’ll be in for a world of hurt.  Virgin doesn’t know how to set up these devices, luckily for you – I do.
It took me from 4 PM Saturday until 3 AM Sunday morning to finally find all the right information (via the Interweb), but I did it.  Below, for your configuration pleasure are the required bits of information if you are interested.
These are the technical steps.  If you aren’t familiar or comfortable with hand configuring your device *email me* at rob.sanders [at] and I’ll email you a detailed PDF which demonstrates how to set up the connection(s).
Legal disclaimer: all of this information was publically available on the internet!  I am not disclosing any secret information.  The IP addresses and configuration settings were already published on the HP Business Support forum and a number of other websites.  I am simply performing a service for Virgin Mobile Australia’s consumers to help them take advantage of Virgin’s excellent product range.
Internet (HTTP) Configuration
Create a GPRS (Cellular) Connection called VirginInternet
APN is: "VirginInternet"
Leave all the User/Password/Domain fields blank
Proxy -> Use proxy
Proxy address is
Now, configure the proxy server.  Use these settings:
HTTP -> Port 8070
WAP-> Port 9201
SOCKS -> Port 9201
The MMS settings are similar – I’ll detail how to set up MMS later (or email me if you’re the impatient type) – use the same email as above.
Update: Here’s a direct link to the .pdf file someone kindly uploaded to the HP Business Support Forums which helped me a great deal.  If the link gets broken, or you have trouble obtaining the PDF, just send me an email and I’ll happily forward it to you.

Here’s the original PDF which was on the HP Forum: Virgin Settings

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