Code Camp Oz: This Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the 2008 Code Camp Oz is THIS weekend in Wagga Wagga.  If you were planning to go but forgot, better book things quickly.  The official site is here.

Some sessions you’ll find me at (and won’t drag me away from):

  • Lessons learned while tuning database systems
  • Software Development for Real Men with Team Foundation Server
  • Swashbuckling Adventures in the World of Snakes, Cats and Exotic Gems: The DLR (I’ll have to leave after 20 minutes to catch a flight) (Luke has always been a little over the top in naming his topics)
  • Binding Oriented Programming and SyncLINQ (Stovell-nator unveils his work of genius)

and lastly, Wine and cheese tasting – as mentioned previously.

Plus, SQL Code Camp 2008 (also held in Wagga Wagga) has been announced for October 11th and 12th.  Bookmark it now and visit the official site here.

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