Ensuring correct distance for projection

Some may know that I’m a bit of a home theatre enthusiast. 

Our current setup merges two HDMI-compliant devices into the one room (our lounge room) and presented us with an interesting challenge: having both displays side-by-side.

I’ve recently double-checked the projector distance verses our screen size and everything looks great.  You might want to consider this (or a similar) tool to calculate your appropriate throw range if you have (or are planning to purchase) a home theatre projector.


For the curious, we have an Optoma HD-72i projector (5000:1 contrast ratio) and a Samsung Full-HD 42” LCD TV (15,000:1 contrast ratio).  Sound is amplified courtesy of a Sony 7.1 amp accompanied by Mission satellite speakers. 

We’ve finally set this up in a preferred rectangular shape (although width is sacrificed for length) so that acoustically, the surround works properly.

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