Out of the box customer service skills

Today I said something along the lines of "well, you know not everyone is born with ‘out of the box customer service skills’" which led to this blog post.

The thought triggered some insight gathered over the last decade+ of observations, and gave me pause to think further.  What a fundamental thought.  Kinda obvious, of course, but different when you consider the implications.

How many times have you observed someone acting in an unprofessional manner in the workplace?  Did it occur to you that the person may just not know what is or is not professional?  (note: a difference between unprofessional and Human Resource violation)

Sometimes it’s a lack of training – managing and handling customer’s expectations isn’t something we all instinctively know – how does one acquire this knowledge if not shown or taught?

This isn’t always obvious too – things like time and stress management aren’t necessarily something everyone has by default.  Next time you think to yourself, "Why did he/she just do that?" also consider that the person might simply not know any better..

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