SQL Code Camp Oz Presentation Slides

Hi Everyone,

I’m thinking of putting the slides and demo code from my co-presentation at the recent SQL Code Camp Oz in Wagga Wagga up on the blog here.

Add a comment or email me if you’d like to see the slide deck or demo code linked from this blog!

For the record, the topic was “SQL Server Compact Edition and the ADO Entity Framework” and covered an introduction to both in a deep-dive style approach.

EF examples include TPT, concurrency patterns and a deploy of EF ORM onto a working SQL Compact Edition database and schema!

Presentation Slides and Sample Code – please note sample code is provided ‘as-is’.

Slides by Rob Sanders
Samples ‘CreateSqlCe’ and ‘SqlCe Database’ written by Rob Sanders
‘FileCatalog’ sample written by Matt Lynch – may require VSTS Database Edition for the database project.

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