Entity Framework v4 (Beta 2) and Dynamic Data Sites

Happy New Year Everybody!

Well, it’s been a surprisingly busy time for me, and this (naturally) translates into great things for you, the reader!  You can expect some new entries on Team Foundation Server 2010 (Beta 2) as well as detailed notes on the next revision of the ADO Entity Framework (which I am suitably impressed with so far). 

For extras, I’m going to through in a walk through the new Dynamic Data sites which you can use with an Entity Framework v4 data model – and is something we’ve been waiting for for a while!

This is all in the works.. Stay tuned for new posts coming this month to this blog – soon.  In the meantime if you have any questions on any of this please leave a comment.  Looking forward to a blockbuster 2010 – wishing you all the best.

Always.. R

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