Quick Preview of upcoming entries

Hi There!

It’s been a busy time, and I realise I’ve been a bit remiss in getting some
new posts up on the site.  In recent weeks, I’ve been considering migrating away
from the rather limited Windows Live platform and onto my own custom blog (or
Word press etc).  For one thing, it seems that someone’s been messing with the Live Services platform, because I’ve lost the statistics option, and I can’t post from Live Writer..grrrr.

No matter, I’ve got some posts coming, and here’s a brief summary:

  • Threading and C#: A nice wrapper to implement “handling” of the Framework’s
  • Solution structure design, keeping it simple but powerful
  • Generating ADO.Net Entity Framework v4 POCO Proxies and passing them around
    via WCF web services,
  • Thoughts on IT

So, stay tuned..

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