Microsoft Surface Tablet: RT model is almost here

A front view of Surface, shown with a cyan Touch Cover, one of five colors available.

As you my or may not know, Microsoft has been touting its long awaited answer to the Apple iPad – the Microsoft Surface – for some time now. 

This is Microsoft branded, Microsoft-built hardware which will come in two distinct flavours being a version running Windows 8 RT (on an ARM processor) and one running Windows 8 Pro running a 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor (model not listed).

There’s a bit more info on Wikipedia, but the salient points seem to be:

  • The RT model has a lower screen resolution (1366×768 vs. 1920×1080)
  • RT model also has lower storage capacity options (32/64 GB vs. 64/128 GB)
  • The Pro model is slightly heavier at 2 lbs (just under a kilogram) and not as thin as the RT model
  • RT model only runs Windows Store apps whereas the Pro version will run normal Windows apps
    • “Works exclusively with apps available in the Windows Store.”

It seems that pre-orders have been exhausted, but those who have should receive their Surface around November 6th or later.  The Pro version is set to ship about three months later according to some sources.

Technical Specifications

Windows Surface RT Specifications
Windows Surface Pro Specifications

Surface Overview


Surface Overview

Links/Further Reading

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