Presentations and TechEd Australia 2012

Microsoft Tech-Ed Australia 2012This evening I finally got around to checking out TechEd Australia’s session builder app online.  It was honestly a real pleasure to see so many talented friends and former colleagues on the speaker’s list.  This year, although the majority of the Level 400 sessions are infrastructure related, there’s enough Level 300 sessions to fill out anyone’s schedule.

As a general rule, I’ve learnt from past TechEd experience to avoid Level 100 and 200 sessions – however, I’ve also learnt that the quality of a session is also heavily impacted by the quality of the presenter.  So I try to mix my schedule depending on who is speaking and when.  I usually start by padding out my schedule with interesting Level 300 and 400 sessions, then backfill with the gaps I have left.

The last TechEd I attended (2008), I also presented a Chalk Talk session which had been well received at SQL Code Camp that same year.  It’s been a while since I’ve dusted off my (public) presentation gloves.  If I did present (at TechEd or somewhere else) I wonder what I’d cover…  suggestions are welcome!

Stay tuned.. there will be a lot of live blogging here at Sanders Technology once TechEd gets underway.

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