Late April Update

I’ve been a bit remiss lately of not getting some more articles out here on Sanders Technology.  It’s not for a lack of inspiration – I’ve been doing a fair bit of work lately which would be blog-worthy, but have just been snowed under getting a fairly substantial maiden release into Production.

This one is a beauty – over six months of planning and execution:

  • Rolled out over 5 logical environments (Development, Test, UAT, Training and Production)
  • Implemented internal PKI to secure endpoints, with external CA signed certificates for external facing applicances
  • WS-Fed and SAML 2.0 web applications (relying parties)
  • Migration of over 30,000 existing users to Active Directory
  • Standing up an external AD FS 3.0 service for federation
  • Bespoke MVC 5 portal (WS-Fed relying party)
  • CORS integration between a legacy site (Domino 9) and new (MVC 5)
  • Tunnelling integration to Dynamics CRM 2013 (courtesy of internal WebAPI wrapper web services using the XRM services)
  • Implementation and use of Mass Transit and MSMQ for ESB style message routing and processing
  • Message translation down to services used to synchronise Notes from CRM
  • Implemented Octopus Deploy to manage releases, configuration and environment
  • Introduced a private NuGet repository to allow separate solutions to manage common assemblies/dependencies
  • Documented the whole thing with copious amounts of documentation, including:
    • System security plans
    • High level solution design
    • Environment design
    • DR recovery plan for Mass Transit
  • Co-ordinated/conducted load and performance testing
    • Internal and external load testing
    • External testing via Azure
    • Internal testing via Visual Studio 2013 load test + load agents
  • Hardened the environment for penetration testing

..and those are just the highlights.  We launched officially yesterday to existing users with minimal issues.

Stay tuned for more articles soon.

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