Greetings from lockdown

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been.. a while.. since I last posted.  A great deal continues to unfold as the weeks and months fly past.  If I thought that last year wasn’t tough enough, 2021 has perhaps exceeded it already and we’re only just about half way.

I’m exceptionally fortunate that I’m in a position to continue working throughout the waves of crisis and disruption.  As a technology professional, having Internet connectivity (and backup connectivity) and a reasonably strong supply chain for food and essentials is the foundation of stability in an uncertain world.

We made the decision in late 2019 to attempt a sea change.  This decision making pre-dates COVID and the bushfire crisis which gripped Australia in late 2019 and the first few months of 2020.  COVID made the decision and associated actions possible – justified even – in forcing remote work as almost a necessity.  This has been further re-enforce in the new era of lockdowns.

It began in March last year when the first cause for isolation occurred – when COVID came to Australia’s shores.  We had spent February preparing our house for market, and decided to list even in the face of what would surely follow.  It took about a month to sell, and two long months to settle, but we’d made it, and relocated to our weekender on the coast.

Working through the restrictions, with occasional work travel in the mix, we bought our current residence in late September, 2020 and have pretty much been here exclusively ever since.  As I write this, I can reflect on what has nearly been 12 months of sea change, and honestly from a strategic perspective we’ve been ahead of the game almost the entire time.

With all this in mind, and the recognition that owing to the nature of my current role & industry, I can’t write about work – but I can write about how I work.  If there’s any interest out there about the following topics, I’m happy to write about my experiences in:

  • Making a tree change or sea change,
  • Time and work management through a fully remote working model,
  • Managing a team of highly experienced professionals remotely,
  • Planning a work day or work week,
  • Work/life balance,
  • Building an effective lair..  home office

Leave a comment if you are interested, or suggest a topic.  I am open to ideas.

Please stay safe, get vaccinated if you can & be well.



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