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Introduction From time to time, it is natural for us to deploy BizTalk solutions with Assembly dependencies.  Usually this is because we have created helper classes (for mapping, or querying) or perhaps it reuses some common logic shared between application suites. Whatever the reason, it can be very handy to […]

Deploying BizTalk 2010 Assembly Dependencies

Introduction As I alluded to at the very end of 2011, I’ve been spending more and more time with BizTalk 2010. It’s been a little while since I’ve had to support/build/maintain BizTalk artefacts, but it doesn’t take long to reacquire “the groove”. To gently thrust you into the dark underbelly […]

Schema Fun with BizTalk Server 2010 (and more!)

Introduction In December 2011, Microsoft released an early Release Candidate (RC) of SQL Server 2012 (formerly known as codename Denali). There are a bunch of new things in SQL Server 2012 – here’s a list of just a few: Master Data Services Reporting Services PowerPivot for SharePoint Data Quality Services […]

SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate 0