Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

Came across this recently: “ExecutionEngineException occurs during Garbage Collection“ and the subsequent KB article on support.microsoft.com.  Last year I was finding some random crashes in a couple of .Net 4.0 Windows Service Applications, and this might have been part of the problem. Right, so what does this mean?  Basically there’s […]

Having any intermittent crashes with .Net 4.0 running in x64?

Overshadowed, possibly, by the release of the new iPad?  Not in the world of databases.  Yesterday Microsoft officially released SQL Server 2012 “release to manufacturing” (RTM) which means we’re officially out of pre-release editions! Previously codenamed ‘Denali’, the new version brings to the table some serious changes, some of which […]

SQL Server 2012 Released!