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‘Hunting the Rogues and Breaking the Internet: a new front in the online copyright enforcement battle’ Associate Professor Kimberlee Weatherall (Sydney) 2-3.30pm, Friday 30 March, 2012 Rogers Room, Woolley Building (A20), University of Sydney — see map: Abstract: The Internet Blackout in January 2012 saw thousands of websites ‘go […]

Late Notice.. Interesting Public Presentation Tomorrow

Author: John Hilvert Mar 23, 2012,acta-treaty-mauled-in-hearings.aspx Power to rights holders is a reason not to ratify agreement, say critics.   Academics have savaged the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) treaty over the power it affords intellectual property rights holders during a second round of joint committee hearings in Canberra.   […]

ACTA treaty mauled in hearings

Hi All, 31st March 2012 AUSTRALIAN NATIONWIDE MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO WALK & SYDNEY PHOTO WALK There’s a Google Australia photo walk 2012 this weekend, Saturday March 31st 2012 in most major cities.  It’s a great opportunity to gather with fellow camera/photography enthusiasts and explore your city.  There’s a good chance […]

Australia Photo Walk this Saturday

Came across this recently: “ExecutionEngineException occurs during Garbage Collection“ and the subsequent KB article on  Last year I was finding some random crashes in a couple of .Net 4.0 Windows Service Applications, and this might have been part of the problem. Right, so what does this mean?  Basically there’s […]

Having any intermittent crashes with .Net 4.0 running in x64?

Overshadowed, possibly, by the release of the new iPad?  Not in the world of databases.  Yesterday Microsoft officially released SQL Server 2012 “release to manufacturing” (RTM) which means we’re officially out of pre-release editions! Previously codenamed ‘Denali’, the new version brings to the table some serious changes, some of which […]

SQL Server 2012 Released!