Can’t tell reality from fiction?

In a recent ‘news’ article, the country Brazil recently applauded (all at once, quite a feat?) when US critics panned a new horror film which depicts US backpackers/tourists being lured into a trap which ends up with their bodily organs being harvested for sale on the black market.
Now, I have some serious issues with the train of thought here. Firstly, it’s a horror film – not exactly a documentary.  I know that there is very little distinction between reality TV and horror (in the literal sense), but, c’mon.. common sense, people!!
It reminds me of when we went to see "The Punisher" at the cinemas.  Some guy in the audience decided that it was too unrealistic to be believable, so he read the daily paper throughout the movie (and consistently booed the film).  Seriously, people need to set an appropriate expectation before seeing films.  You’re going to see a horror film, maybe it’s not fact or reality based??
This is what passes for news these days, folks.  It’s a sad, sad world.

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