Democrats [US] Take both houses of Congress

It’s an amazing result, however the Democrats in the US have taken both houses in what must be considered a huge backlash against the incumbent President, George W Bush.
US politics plays an increasingly relevant part in the lives of many people from many different countries.  I’ve found long ago that it pays to pay attention to what goes on in the land of the free.  The television series "The West Wing" taught us that liberal and conservatives can get a long and function to keep a country both safe and free.  Lets hope that non-partisan politics can grow as it did in the previously mentioned award winning show.
Also worthy of note: the appointment of the first female speaker of the house (in the US), although Australia had a female president of the senate (Margaret Reid) quite a while before now.
So, will we see a Democrat US President when the time comes?  It’ll be exciting to find out..

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