Microsoft Gives Away Free Vista Laptops to Bloggers – Where’s Mine?

So there’s been a bit of hoo-hah over Microsoft’s publicist(s) offering free laptops to bloggers. 
Joel Spolsky’s (JoelOnSoftware) blogged about the whole thing here.  It’s an interesting dilemma.
I don’t think there is anything wrong in accepting gifts.  Yes, to an extend it can create an unwritten (fair) expectation of a reciprocal friendly gesture (such as positive reviews).  Whilst Joel decided to err on the side of caution (considering the damage to ones reputation), I think he overlooked the basic premise.. One could just as well have written negative things as well.  The original e-mail (from Microsoft) wasn’t specific, in fact seemed rather genuine in my opinion.  I’m sure that negative reviews are not what Microsoft wants, but if one wanted to be in a position to accept the Laptop, why not blog about the good and bad things, i.e. write a balanced review.  Ideally, that’s both fair and morally apt.
What do you think?  Oh, and if you’re at Microsoft, how about swinging a free laptop in my direction?  I’ll happily review it.
Now for something completely different.
Great lego builder’s ghost!  Check out this lego gallery.  This is some hard core lego building which eclipses even my moribund attempts to build ‘stuff. 

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