There’s a post up on Labor leader Bill Shorten’s site addressing Labor’s position in regards to the draft mandatory metadata retention legislation and specifically to recommendations included in the Parliamentary Joint Committee report, released late Friday. Honestly, it’s not very encouraging.  I really think Labor should be outright blocking the […]

Key issues with the proposed mandatory data retention law

On Tuesday, Australia’s Liberal and National parties (“the Coalition” – in opposition to the governing party) released their alternative policy for the National Broadband Network (NBN) which was created by the current majority party, the Labor government. Their plan is to deliver a broadband solution to the Australian public sooner, […]

Comparing Australian Broadband Blueprints

Recently I made the horrible mistake of installing the latest version of the usually reliable Windows Live suite.  For everyday use, I generally use Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer – both of which have been historically fairly stable until now.  Where to begin?? Live Writer This very useful […]

Microsoft Live Essentials 2011

As a dot-com bust survivor, 2010 marks a particularly sensitive anniversary for myself and, no doubt, many other Information Technology workers.  This time, ten years ago, I worked as a programmer for a company called K*Grind (www.kgrind.com) which, at the time, was aimed at providing high quality media content aimed […]

Romanticizing the dot.com bust

Visual Studio is an advanced programming environment for those wishing to develop software for the Microsoft platform.  From web applications, mobile phone applications and database analysis projects to Xbox games and windows applications and services – this is the one stop shopping solution. By request.. a shortlist of things I […]

Things I Hate About VS2008

Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than any product which automatically tries to make a remote connection without you asking it to. Team Explorer is integrated into Visual Studio and will try to make a connection to Team Foundation whenever the tab (if you have docked it so) gets focus.  […]

Team Explorer #@%$#%

Recently I’ve been in "interpret draconian license" mode.  For a V2 product (Team Foundation Server 2008), Microsoft has not held back in ensuring that everyone pays to use TFS (regardless really of the how and why factors). Personally, I think that making the licensing open and fair ought to be […]

VSTS/Team Foundation Server Licensing