Get LinqedIn!

For those of you who have been following every new technology but somehow have missed out on LINQ, grab the last CTP – LINQ CTP (May 06).  It works fine with the Beta 1 Orcas (despite the disclaimers) and it will also work with VS2005.
This stuff is pure gold.  I’ve started assessing it for a project I’m working on because it offers some interesting benefits especially in the code generation space.  Initially I was a tad skeptical – as you would be – but so far what I’ve seen has lived up to the quiet hype.
The CTP has a number of potentially jaw dropping samples – my favourite being the Reflector sample.. I could’ve used that about a year ago!!  However, it’s a great example of how LINQ can be used for just about any querying job you have.
I’ll be putting up a few more blog posts on this one.. check back later for more.
In the meantime here are some good blog posts from others you might want to read:

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