Getting to Wagga Wagga – Code Camps this weekend

Hi all.
As some may know, I was scheduled to speak this weekend at the second annual SQL Code Camp in Wagga Wagga.  Due to family commitments I’m unable to present or attend, but I strongly recommend the journey to anyone who is serious about SQL Server in Australia. 
This is a free event held on the campus of Charles Sturt university.  Big, big thanks to Dr. Greg Low who does a great job in organising this and other excellent events.
Also held this weekend, same city, same location is the Security Camp Downunder and here is the schedule.  If you attend, make sure you go along and hear Rocky Heckman talk about UAC in Windows Vista.  I’d also be very keen to hear Jamie Sharp’s session on the death of the DMZ.  Also, take notes for me, I’m envious of anyone who attends.  Check out most of the speakers profiles here.
Of particular interest to me this year is Kevin Kline’s talk on SQL Tuning (please take notes for me, someone!), Greg Linwood’s session on execution plans (hopefully an opportunity to find out if anything’s changed in Katmai, hint, hint!) and of course the CSU wine and cheese tasting.  The CSU wine isn’t half bad and very economical.
If you are going, don’t forget to print out this handy map (warning: PDF!) of the campus and Wagga.
Again, terribly wish I was going myself, I hope everyone who attends has a jolly good time.  See you next year – short of another family issue 🙁
P.S If you want to car pool, but don’t know anybody else who is driving, email me – I might possibly know of some potential car pooling types.  Email: rob.sanders [!at!]

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