In the News: This Week

From the good people at Ars Technica comes this weeks’ bogus US legal ruling, which originated from a court case pitting the Motion Picture (MPAA) against well known BitTorrent site, which is based in Europe:
"Judge Cooper took issue with TorrentSpy’s argument that data in RAM is not "stored." She noted RAM’s function as primary storage and that the storage of data in RAM—even if not permanently archived—makes it electronically stored information governed by federal discovery rules."
I’m not certain that I’ve ever heard or seen written "Random Access Memory" equals "primary storage" especially since most RAM loses its data when the machine is powered down.
Lets consider the RAMifications of this ruling.. How would you go about implementing some functionality that "logs" data stored in RAM?  Presumably you would be using RAM to log the data stored in RAM.  Good thing it’s Random access, huh?
Now, would it be something you would find effective on a high volume web server?  Me thinks not.
Your thoughts……?

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