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Nick Randolph posted this to the aus-dotnet mailing list today:


Anyone interested in doing any form of mobile or embedded development should head over to the OpenNETCF community site (  This site has just been launched and they are currently working to migrate the existing OpenNETCF forums across.  These guys have for a long time been the industry leaders w.r.t. mobile and embedded development contributing, amongst other things, the Smart Devices Framework and hosting various MS and Skype chats on mobile development.

I’m not much for reposting unless it’s of some kind of value, but this site looks pretty decent.  Mobile apps are one of my hobbies (I’ve been a little set back by going backwards to WM2003SE recently, in a bid to justify a nice bright and shiny new WM6 device later this year or early next year).


Still need to find time to eval the recent SQL Server CE edition which came out a little while ago.. I wrote some stuff for the prior version (SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edn) which was fine, but still wish it had SP support.


If you check it out, let me know what you think




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