Review: Official Apple iPhone 6 Super Fast Charger

Our phones are fast becoming the centre of our daily lives, whether it be for business or personal use.  This being the case, it will come as no surprise that a flat battery – especially with a device without a removal battery – can be devastating under the right circumstances.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus represents no small an investment in a personal mobile device, and despite successive iOS releases which have improved battery life and overall performance, battery drain is still an active issue.  Therefore, any advantage – say, faster charging times – is worth investigating.

Enter the Official Apple Super Fast Charger 

Super Fast Charger compared to the standard Charger

The IPhone 6 ships with a fairly minimalist (it’s Apple’s style, after all) 1A charger which does the job, but is a tad underpowered.  The Super Fast Charger on the other hand provides a whopping 2.1A (10W) charge to provide the “as advertised” super fast charging.

I’ve completed side-by-side comparisons, and the numbers work – the super fast charger has provided around a 25%-50% reduction in charging times, depending mainly on how much charge was left in the phone at the time of charging.

It will take a little longer to determine if the charging times vary based on the age of the device, but at this stage, a 10-month old iPhone 6 is recharging from 75% to 100% in under a half hour of charging with the super fast charger.

Comparison Unit

The super fast charger is materially larger than the out-of-the-box charger, which is to be expected.   The review unit came with the UK plug, so was used with a UK->AUS plug adapter.

IMG_6913 IMG_6912
Additional comparison shots

It might be larger, but it’ll still pack easily enough into your travel gear or suitcase, or find itself happily charging next to your desk at work.

Review items kindly provided by our friends at Mobile Zap.

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