More Robot Changes

So over the weekend I contemplated some additional refinements for the Technic Mindstorms Tri-bot which I’ve been working on.
The lack of reverse direction motor functionality has been concerning me a fair bit and I’ve started to wonder whether I should pull apart and rework the intelligence brick cradle.
Since it’s highly unlikely that I need indepedendent left and right motors (for left and right wheels, I’m thinking perhaps of rebuilding the frame around the rear steering wheel – especially since I managed to strengthen the wheel design – and this would also provide programmatic (via a rear servo) steering capability.  This means that the two forward wheels would have to share a common axis. 
Something about the design makes me feel happier, plus the rear steering wheel would be re-enforced further since the servo would prevent the brace from pushing down on the join between the latter section of the frame and the rear wheel itself.
What do you think?  Is it worth the redesign or not?  It’s probably about an hours or two’s worth of work but I think it has merit..

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