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I’m rather enamoured with all things rustic and/or antique.  You might have guessed based on my first post on this blog.
My original tendency in high school and college was towards all things Historical (ancient, medieval, pre-industrial and modern), so it’s not a total surprise that I have a vested interest in locating web sites and/or companies who specialise in the sale of historical items.
Having said that, I’ve found these sites particularly interesting:
On the former, I’m very curious about this map in particular:
Being proudly Australian, I’m very interested in maps, charts and journals detailing the exploration of my country – and being that Australia was basically the last large continent to be explored, source material from the early settler’s days is still to be found intact (and not too pricey).
Anyhow, I’m interested in investing in antique items since I’d have a personal interest (more exciting than stocks or property), not too mention nice talking pieces.
I’ve already got two antique maps, one of the world made in 1791 and one of New South Wales from 1854.  They make a nice addition to the office wall, and probably will appreciate in value.

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