Movies and APEC

So this week I’m concerned with what has become of Australia as APEC gets underway at the Opera House, in Sydney. 
But first: on Saturday night I went and saw the third Bourne movie, the Bourne Ultimatum.  Now, why is it that when someone has a cold, they decide, "hey, this would be a great time to go see a movie!?"..  It seemed like half the theatre contained people coughing.  This one guy in front of me must have had worms because he kept siting up (blocking view) and then shrinking down into his seat (in between coughing).
Anyhow, the film was great, probably the best of the three (I’d rank them Ultimatum, Identity then Supremacy).  It was enough to keep you glued throughout (with a few short segues between action sequences).  You could watch it on its own (although not recommended) or even only if you’ve seen the Bourne Identity.
Anyhow, on to APEC.
I’m disgusted by the lengths to which the CBD has been locked down. Labelling this under the guise of "protecting against violent protest" is a joke.  What this really is, is an exercise against terrorism.  Perhaps then, it might be more prudent to "phone in" these kind of conferences if the result is that an entire city must be shutdown to serve the interests of a minority of economic leaders.
This, and the addition of the Mao speakers makes me recall east Germany.  I ought to go into the CBD and take a few pictures of the Berlin wall.  I would except that it’s probably not a justified reason for going into the city.
So, since my initial rant, I’ve decided to take another viewpoint on APEC.  I still stand by my initial outrage at the security lengths which have been imposed on the city. 
However, I understand the political and international ramifications of Australia holding these talks and furthermore, appreciate that it is a big win as Australia grows in power and influence.  I just hope that the trade off is worth it – there’s a reason we haven’t traditionally hosted these events after all.
Let’s all just hope that APEC is a week of delay and pain that quickly goes away.  Oh, I forgot, we’re stuck with the inept NSW Government.. oh well 🙂

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