Proclamation of Doom

Intro Windows 10 was officially released last week.  In the wake of the release, concerns have surfaced about privacy and control issues which are enabled by default in all popular versions of the new Windows – including Enterprise edition.  We’ll take a look at what reasonable steps you could (or […]

Privacy in Windows 10

There’s a post up on Labor leader Bill Shorten’s site addressing Labor’s position in regards to the draft mandatory metadata retention legislation and specifically to recommendations included in the Parliamentary Joint Committee report, released late Friday. Honestly, it’s not very encouraging.  I really think Labor should be outright blocking the […]

Key issues with the proposed mandatory data retention law

On Tuesday, Australia’s Liberal and National parties (“the Coalition” – in opposition to the governing party) released their alternative policy for the National Broadband Network (NBN) which was created by the current majority party, the Labor government. Their plan is to deliver a broadband solution to the Australian public sooner, […]

Comparing Australian Broadband Blueprints Sorry, but this is a very important Proclamation of Doom, and thus had to be posted ASAP.  The Australian Federal Government is apparently quite serious about a proposal to requires all Internet Service Providers to store precise data on what their subscribers are doing online. “The Federal Government has […]

Seriously, no.

This document (linked below) arrived in my inbox today after I had emailed the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (Stephen Conroy) with my concerns about this flawed and mandatory plan. Unfortunately, besides wasting my bandwidth all this document does is summarize the position held by Senator Conroy […]

More on Internet Filtering in Australia

Well, it’s been an unfortunate 24 hours for me, I managed to somehow cause my RAID-5 array to lose a member drive, and then the Intel Matrix software/RAID controller refused to rebuild or add a new drive to the disk set.  So basically, I lost my 700GB RAID array, and […]

Merry Christmas

There’s been a lot of not-so-subtle mentions about news sites packing up the free content and starting some form of monetization scheme where they expect Internet users will cough up some dough.  This does not please me terribly much. Assuming, for a second, that we don’t take into account the […]

Paying for News Online: Bah

Don’t you just hate it when your heart sinks and you read something like this: SQL Server Express and Hosting “Several questions have come up lately regarding whether SQL Server Express is an appropriate product to be used in a hosting environment.  Here are the answers: User Instances (also known […]

Wasted Hours…