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Hiya, all.
Some new content for you.
Phil Beadle (of DNN and Readify fame) yesterday introduced me to a video clip demonstrating how this thing is used and I must say, I’m a big fan.  Note: I’m not a huge fan of WYSIWYG or drag and drop, but this thing is way too cool no matter what your attitude is towards designers which require no programming experience.. yes, that was tough to admit.
Introducing (drum roll) Microsoft PopFly.  I know, a rather funny name for a non-codename thingy.
You’ll be needing a Live ID (or Passport, whatever) and there is a signup process which is on a first come – first serve basis.
This is one of the first projects I’ve seen which uses the Silverlight plugin (note: a version 1.1 is out there somewhere).  There is an MSDN article on it here, too.
I’ll be getting a hold of PopFly soon(ish), so I’ll write a better review when I’ve had a play with it hands on.  What I’ve seen though has been pretty darn impressive.  It might make you want to upgrade to Windows Vista just so you can make these ultra awesome PopFly projects which you can use to create Vista Gadgets for your sidebar.  There are some awesome examples, and plenty of prebuilt modules.
Don’t take my word for it.. go check it out.

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