Fine.. I’ll go build my own theme park

Well, I’m pretty depressed with the state of Australia right now.
Pretty damn ticked off, to be precise.  So sick and tired I reckon I should set up my own policital party.  The Liberals can’t be trusted.  The Labor party are too incompetent (at any level) to be in power.  The Democrats.. ’nuff said.  Greens? *yawn*.  All you are left with are fringe nut jobs with their own quasi-cult agenda.
So.. if you start a political party you normally need a policy platform and some ideas on how to improve things (unless you’re Labor in which case you don’t bother with these things).  Henceforth, my policital platform will begin with:
– All elected officials and their lapdogs to "eat their own dogfood"
This is a fancy software development term for consuming your own product.  In other words, the minister for transport should catch buses,
trains and ferries instead of being chauffer driven around.  The health minister should *only* get public coverage – no private goodness.
That might stop someone (lets call him the NSW minister for transport) for opening his big fat oversized useless gob and having the nerve to
tell peaktime train commuters that they should have to expect to stand sometimes on peak train routes.  Making naive, stupid ("ill-advised")
statements such as this means the jackass obviously hasn’t taken a peak hour train in decades. [my point here is that standing is the norm, not the rarity]  <end subrant>
– Greater awareness of community issues
Lets see our elected officials come out and talk to the community (if they dare).  Lets take focus off supporting big business (yes, you Macquarie Bank) and put it back where it belongs: on community issues.  For example, how about instead of pretending to deal with widening the Spit Bridge we actually do it?  Lets talk about why a Police officer holed up in a station and nearly committed suicide?  Why not discuss the issue of Australia’s involvement in Iraq?
– Stop pretending to act in the country’s best interest and actually start doing as such
I’d start with doing business in Asia instead of forming relationships with the USA.  China is big business but we’d rather sign away copyright laws and other intellectual property rights (not to mention supporting a war that should never have happened).
– Law reform
How about taking a serious look at what passes for common law these days (instead of the joke it mostly is).  Lets put justices on the bench who are willing to take a stand on crime and less on the ones who prefer to dodge speeding fines.  Let’s talk about mandatory minimums.
– The Environment
Tomorrow, it’s going to be 25’C in Sydney.  Doesn’t anyone else think that is wrong for winter?  I like it, to be sure, but we’re supposed to be feeling cold and we’re supposed to be seeing rain.  Should our government be answering questions as to why it hasn’t signed Kyoto?  Or why it backs the US government’s irreconcilable stance on climate change?
– What more do I need to say?
It might be a storm in a tea cup, but none of these concerns appear set to be addressed by any government (local, state or federal) anytime soon.  Aren’t YOU sick of it already??
Writen and typed by Rob Sanders.  Authorised by me.

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