Pro Bowl Day

Today I got up early (pre-sunrise) and headed down to the Hilton while Toni had a sleep in.
On the beach, I took photos of the wharf/jetty and various buildings as the sun rose in the east.
Unforturnately, Waikiki faces south, so my bold plans for sunrise pictures was a little askew.
As I walked back through the hotel I’m 1000% sure I walked past a half dozen NFL players
whom I couldn’t recognise.  Damn.
Back @ the hotel, I’ve uploaded some of the early pics and it’s time for a shower, breakfast and then
out to discover what the day brings.
We’ve got a 10:45 AM shuttle bus to the Aloha Stadium booked..  Check back for more updates.
Okay, back from the Pro Bowl.  Awesome!  What an experience.  Have to run out for dinner.

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