That old new thang

Well, I’ve been a bit slow in getting out my usual volume of blog updates – sorry for that – I’ve been a bit more busier than usual the past week or so.
Aside from making an ass of myself on the aus-dotnet mailing list (always read carefully), I’ve been pretty much keeping my focus on the new job (yes, a new job) and getting things in order, as I like to do.
The good news is that we’ve finally had Foxtel installed which means more Rugby Union updates.  The bad news is that the Australian Super 14 teams are having an absolute shocker this season.  My team (ACT Brumbies) still have a shot and, surprisingly, so do the Western Force (in their only second year!).
There is travel in the winds (again) so those in the know, keep an eye on the photo gallery (hint: it’s not on this site).  If you want to know where the photos are at, email me at!
Anyway, I’ll continue the "how to follow shell shortcuts" series with the next post.

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