Walk the Harbour Bridge

Hi.  If you live in Sydney and/or if you’re attracted to the prospect of walking across the Sydney harbour bridge sans traffic, you’ll get your chance on March 18.  The harbour bridge, icon, mass transit saviour and skyline king, turns 75 years old on March 18th and to mark the occasion, the general public are invited to walk the bridge just like folks did when the bridge was formally opened.
Official word is:
Our Bridge will be open to the public on Sunday 18 March 2007 between 10am and 7.30pm.
Well, almost like they did when the bridge was opened.  For one thing, people didn’t have to register because there was a far less chance of a threat to the bridge.  Times they have-a-changed..
Anyhow, back on topic here.. if you want to walk the great coathanger, you have to register online first.  Go to here (http://www.ourbridge.com.au/) to register.
You’ll want to register quickly, because timeslots are filling up.  Oh, did I mention it’s free?
From the site:

The 1932 Opening Ceremony: Sydney’s First Big Party!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has played the lead role in many Harbour celebrations. But arguably, none was bigger than the official opening ceremony on 19 March 1932. Held during the Depression it gave a much needed psychological boost to a town in desperate need of hope (and a bit of fun!).

So, come on, lets live it up like it was 1932!
I’ll be there.. remember decent walking shoes (it’s at least 3kms to walk, apparently) and bring sunscreen if it’s going to be sunny (or umbrellas maybe)..
Here is a map of the walk:


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