Which Kurasawa film to choose from?

Well, I’ve been thinking about sitting through another Akira Kurasawa epic sometime soon.  I have a number of options, but can’t decide which one to choose.  Maybe you can help.  I’ve got four options (four unviewed films):
1. Throne of Blood – Japanese adaptation of Macbeth (filmed ~1985)
2. Ran – Japanese adaptation of King Lear (filmed in the 1950s)
3. Rashomon – inspired by a Japanese story
4. High and Low – A story of modern Japanese
I might pick up Ikiru sometime soon too.
I’ve already seen:
– Seven Samurai
– Hidden Fortress
– Yojimbo, and,
– Sanjuro
Anyone have any strong views on which is better to watch?  In case you are wondering, they are all Criterion Collection DVDs which I bought when I was last in the US (to me, the best quality).

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