Can it be: Christmas….?

Well folks, we’re not far from Christmas day once again.  The scary part this year is the realisation that next month marks the beginning of 2009 – in other words, the decade is almost over already.

As a result,  it’s actually not a bad time to start thinking ahead to 2010.  Now there is a scary thought!

Hopefully you will have an opportunity to spend your Xmas with family, friends and loved ones.  My tradition each year, around this time, is to reflect on the past twelve months. 

I’d like to extend a warm thanks and best wishes to the following people who helped so much to make 2008 memorable.. Paul & Trish, Derek, Richard, Matt L, { Rick, Steve, Shea, Russ & Andy }, Marie & Pete, Jo and all those who helped us transition to QLD.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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