Declaring Sql Code Camp 2008 a lot of fun

Hi all.
It was great to see many familiar faces this weekend in Wagga Wagga.  Everytime I consider the journey I’m a little bit hesitant, but it’s coming home that reminds me of why the journey is worth it to begin with.
This year I co-presented with Matt Lynch on SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 and the Entity Framework.  Later we’ll make the slides and examples available (as well as from the SqlDownunder site along with other presentation material from the other speakers).
It was great to present some technology which we both feel has serious potential today (rather than speculating about future uses) and hope that we’ve managed to raise awareness about the potential in both SQL Compact Edition and the Entity Framework.
Special thanks to Greg Low, Rob Farley, Geoff Orr, Grant Paisley, Cameron Townshend, Dave Lane and the many other excellent people who attended and/or presented.
See you next year!

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