Interesting Factoid: SQL Server Compact Edition

Doing some background research ahead of Sunday’s presentation.  Thought I’d share this little nugget of wisdom:

There are three ways to create a SQL Server CE database.

1. Through a Connection Wizard via Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio,
2. Programatically, using .Net (the SqlCeEngine class), or
3. using the CREATE DATABASE T-SQL statement.

What is interesting is option #3.  How do you think you’d go about executing this statement?  If you did it in SSMS you have to have an active connection, right?

Well, I unearthed the answer – you have to execute the statement within SQL Server CE Query Analyzer (on a mobile device)!

“To execute the CREATE DATABASE statement, you must be connected to a database. For information about connecting to a database, see SQL Server Compact Edition Query Analyzer.”

So for practical reasons, only options #1 and #2 really apply for creating an .sdf file on a Windows Desktop.

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