Disturbance in the Force and thoughts about spam..

For the record, nothing is more obtrusive than when you are a tenant and your privacy is exposed through the harsh reality of a landlord selling the property. 

We are faced with the trouble of defining the dubious distinction of ‘reasonable access’ with the sales agency, dealing with members of the general public passing through our place of residence and general disruptions – compounded by occurring over the Christmas holiday season!

Okay, enough of that (for now).

…for something completely different – I find it amusing that spam still exists. 

Someone must be clicking through and reading spam, otherwise why would it still be sent out?  How many suckers are out there who act on spam emails?  My favourites are the “congratulations, you’ve won $1m pounds” type.  Wait a second.. did I put an entry into the UK lottery?

There are the famous/infamous Nigerian scams, which someone on the Internet (1) followed through (almost to the end).  You can review the interesting chain of correspondence on this blog.  My thought is – obviously this must work to some degree – how many people continue to get suckered in by these obviously untrustworthy email scams and spam?

Lastly, some New Years’ tech content for you to mull over, the future of the (2) BCL pattern in .Net Framework 4.0.  Gaze into the crystal ball…

Stay tuned for Rob’s New Year’s Message.  Includes an all-exclusive new section: predictions for 2009. 

[ (1) http://www.zimbio.com/Ghana/articles/13/International+Commercial+Bank+Scam ]
[ (2) http://blogs.msdn.com/bclteam/archive/2008/11/04/what-s-new-in-the-bcl-in-net-4-0-justin-van-patten.aspx ]

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