A Weekend’s Musing(S)

Hi all.  I’m entering a new chapter this coming week, whereby I’ll commuting weekly to Melbourne from for the next few months.

Regular interstate travel.. Fun distraction or energy sapping nuisance?  What do you think?

For one thing, I’m sure to get a lot more reading and, probably, a few more blog posts published.

Here are some of my own tips for a fun and pain free travel experience (internationally and otherwise):

– Wear comfortable (preferably metal-free) clothing.  Nothing’s worse than traveling in uncomfortable clothes and you don’t get style points.  Wear something you can relax in.

– Leave unnecessary items in your carry on.   It might prevent you losing items when going through security (like jewelry, money, watches etc)

– Get up and walk around on long haul flights.  Avoids deep vein thrombosis and gives your body some much needed exercise.

– Start reading a good book *before* you get to the airport.  Chances are you’ll get so engrossed in reading it that your flight will be over in no time.

– Travel light, where possible.  If you can avoid checking luggage, you’ll save time and avoid the potential for lost belongings.

– Respect the stewards/stewardesses – you’re flying but they’re working, treat them how you’d prefer to be treated in the workplace (they’re not personal slaves).

Some pet peeves when flying:

– People who sit behind you and bash the back of your chair

– People who sit in front of you and recline with the speed of a Ferrari with little or no warning (especially when you’re eating).

– People who have conversations so loud that the pilots could probably hear them from the cockpit (worse when it’s "night time" and most people are trying to sleep).

– Children who aren’t properly monitored by parents (no, it’s not cute).  This extends to getting placed in the aisle behind a new born infant.  Now that’s a fun experience.

If you travel a lot, what sort of travel tips (or pet peeves) could you mention?

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