Easter Build Time

Well, with the majority of the unpacking more or less done, it was time to finally open that big box of Lego which was delivered oh so long ago (about six months now).

You might recall I posted a photo of the box last year.  That’s right, this Easter break I started building the Ultimate Millennium Falcon.

Construction began around 2:30pm on Easter Sunday, and the day’s work was only interrupted for a swim in the pool and to make dinner.  I finished up at approximately 1:30am (then started to write this entry).

I’ll shortly post pictures of the construction.  I’d say that I’m at about the 65% mark (perhaps even further) as the model frame and most of the underside (except the entry) has been completed.

Thanks must go to my darling wife who spent the afternoon sorting the 5,000 Lego parts for me while I was building.  This has been a real time saver.  Of course it does mean that the mess on the dining room table disappears just a little more quickly.. 🙂

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