Happy New Year – 2008

To everyone "out there" (on the world wide web), please have a safe and prosperous new year. 
To my special group of regular readers, hope additionally that you win the lotto and/or get three wishes (genie-style) in 2008.
More info.. Since we’re moving to Queensland ("the land so beautiful, it is named for royalty") we’re hoping it will rain in Brisbane so that I can continue to drink coffee (with Joel and Joseph).
What I got for Xmas (short version)
This year was a good mix of old and new.  A book of short poems by Walter Scott, second edition, published in 1813.. A replica telescope.. a new decanter from Reidel, a Wallabies jersey (team replica version), some golf equipment, a few books and a few other surprises, plus an accompayment of socks, vouchers, money and even a bag for the golf shoes!  Thanks to all who gave this Christmas.
What did you get?  Anything special, interesting or out of the oprdinary? 
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Next: New Years’ Resolutions
New Years’ Resolutions [Draft #1]
1. Lose weight (I was doing so well until Xmas!)
2. Save money (Purpose: unsure, but good strategy)
3. Relocate successfully
4. Exercise more, eat healthier food(s) – related to #1
5. Extoll the virtues of QLD to all who will listen
6. Lower the stress level(s)
For my mind, points #2 and #5 are the easiest! 
What’s on the top of your new years’ resolutions? 
Anything creative? – Leave a comment

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