Madden NFL 09 Redux

Well, fresh from my previous post on Madden, I’m in a new and potentially blocking situation: I can’t save.

I’d really, *really* like to hear from anybody who has suffered from “Freeze syndrome” – i.e. random console locks when playing Madden NFL 2009.

It seems that I’ve had a lockup or console freeze more than in Madden 08.  Sometimes it has frozen loading the halftime menu, many times after finishing a game (returning to the franchise) and now… It freezes whilst saving!

I’m not going to bother posting the symptoms.  I’m giving up.  Madden NFL 2009 (Franchise Mode) is more buggy than 2008 and I’m simply done with console lockups.

Now, it’s not the console.  I can play many, many other games with no lock ups at all (e.g. Guitar Hero II, III & Aerosmith, Mass Effect, Lego Indiana Jones, Transfomers just to name a few).  This is strictly limited to Madden NFL 2009 (and 2008 for that matter).

It seems clear that not only have Electronic Arts not fixed the outstanding bugs from Madden 08 Franchise mode, but it’s even worse in 2009!

Dear Electronic Arts – I’m not buying Madden 2010 unless we get a patch (that actually fixes the issues) and pronto.  Leave a comment in support please!

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