EA Sports Madden NFL 2008 Issue Wrapup

Ha!  You thought you’d heard the last of the ongoing EA Sports Madden NFL saga, hadn’t you?
Well, since my initial posts a week or so ago, I’ve had heaps of hits on the posts.  This indicates the widespread and serious nature of the bugs (note: plural).
So, I’ve decided to wrap up the *current status* of the issues here in this post.  Apologies for those who haven’t been following along.
I’ve been engaged in roundtrip ‘conversations’ with Electronic Arts by it’s "Ask a question" feature on the EA support site.  This is pretty much the situation based on feedback from EA and my own testing of the product (i.e. rather than my own enjoyment of the Franchise mode).
1. There is some kind of glitch that removes players or stops them from populating the Free Agent roster, making it impossible for CPU controlled teams to properly fill their rosters at the end of a post season.  Note: I have not experienced this myself, this is based on other people’s posts.
Resolution: Live Gold subscribers should be able to download a patch (I have not, and I am a gold subscriber) which will load the latest roster.  Note: you will have to restart a franchise in this situation.  The other option, for Silver subscribers is to create a new profile and try an online game.  This will auto-download a roster update – fixing the problem.  Still have to restart the franchise.  None of this matters since there is a worse bug.. read on..
2. Game freezes/locks up when simulating a pre season game after year 1 of a franchise.
Apparently the patch referred to above fixes this issue.  I don’t have the patch, so I can’t verify.  The other workaround is to SuperSim a game (any) and then save.  Try and sim->Locks.  Reboot and reload franchise.  Games should sim fine now.  None of this matters since there is a worse bug.. read on..
3. CPU controlled team with a previously user-controlled coach doesn’t fill roster (unrelated to the free agency problem)
I’ve seen others post about this, so I’m not the only one.  There is no real solution for this bug.  Make sure you have a post season saved game and hope you don’t face that team in the next season (the schedule changes every time you finish the post season).  Terrible workaround which I haven’t been successful at proving. 
EA has no current schedule for fixing this issue – EA needs to patch this, seriously.
Hopefully that gives you an idea where Madden is at, currently.
I’ll keep you posted on any new patches or workarounds.  Bookmark this site.

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