[MiniProject] Update

No, I haven’t forgotten!

I’ve been working extensively on the Mini Project and I think you’re going to like what the outcome looks like.

Since SQL Code Camp (where Matt Lynch and I demonstrated advanced Entity Framework concepts in concert with SQL Server Compact Edition) I’ve been reworking the Mini Project to make use of the new SQL Data Services (SDS).

Mini Project will contain a data access layer using predominantly data stored in the cloud (via SDS) with a fallback to local storage (SQL Server CE) when a connection is not possible.

I’m using the Entity Framework for data elements, but in practice I can’t really consume the EF’s functionality as much as I would like. 

The lowest common denominator is SDS, so there lies the functional (and data) restrictions/restraints.

Stay Tuned.

P.S “Out-of-the-bag” bonus info:  I’m going to use a Silverlight User Interface (ssssh!)

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